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My Approach

My approach as a life coach focuses on helping my clients set goals, create outcomes and manage personal change. I view my client as the expert and I am their guide to support them on their journey.  My role is to actively listen, ask powerful questions and act as a sounding board. I provide objective assessment and observations, challenge blind spots and encourage shifts in thinking that can result in a fresh perspective.


I encourage individuals to become aware of what it is they really want and what is holding them back personally or professionally. It is important to live up to their own goals, dreams and expectations, not someone else’s.


I am passionate about helping and encouraging others to be curious about their life and their thoughts and to find the courage to step out of the familiar and beyond their comfort zone. Life is too short to feel stuck or unfulfilled especially when it is you who is holding yourself back.


Meet Valerie

I am a life coach who has worked in the corporate sector, private sector and have experienced and faced the twists and turns, joys, disappointments and challenges in life. I am passionate about helping and supporting others discover who they are and where they want to go in their transformation to being their best self and living the life they truly want to live. Life should not be about surviving it should be about thriving. I can help you gain the clarity about who you are, what holds you back and what you really want so you can begin your journey and make your vision a reality.


Are you feeling stuck or at a crossroads in your life? Are you lacking motivation or inspiration and unsure of your direction or purpose? Do you feel a lack of connection to yourself and others? Is something holding you back from moving forward personally or professionally that you need to address? Is it time to face your fear of failure or success and acknowledge your inner dialog that holds you back? Are you wanting to change your life for the better and not sure how or where to begin? I can help you.

Now for a little bit about me, I am a graduate of Boston College with a BA in Communications. I am also a graduate of Coach U and a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation). My career has been focused in business development, sales and marketing in the media and pharmaceutical industries and both commercial and residential real estate. I know what it is like to be at the crossroads in life both personally and professionally and I understand what it takes to face your demons, dig a little deeper, grow and make changes internally or externally to transform your life.


A challenging situation is a catalyst for growth.

Embrace the challenge.
It has the potential to wake you up and put you on a path towards a healthier, stronger and more focused YOU.

What is challenging you? 


Explore my Blog to gain insight into what might be challenging you!


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