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Start Where You Are

There are times in your life when you realize that you deserve more from yourself, your career or personal relationships. These thoughts are normal, healthy and important even if they feel uncomfortable. Don’t run away from them and don’t buffer them with unhealthy behaviors or distractions. Everyone falls into a rut from time to time and it serves as a reminder to pay attention to your life and take better care of yourself physically and mentally. Sometimes taking care of yourself and making time for yourself will get you back on track living the life you want. Other times even after taking care of yourself, owning your stuff, and having great people in your life, you realize that you need to adjust a few things. Change sometimes seems overwhelming but you can do it and you deserve to create the life you want.

The first step is to ask yourself this question- How did I get here? Answering this question will provide insight into why you are where you are and why you made the choices you made. Don’t approach this question with shame or judgement. Approach this question with compassion and love for yourself. No one comes into this life with a guide book. We learn as we live. We do the best we can with what we know at that time given our emotional maturity and the expectations and influences of others up to that point. Once you understand where you are in your journey along with the good parts and the areas that need adjustment, you are ready to begin. Coming from a place of understanding, acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness will help you move forward without regrets or resentments. More importantly it will help you create and attract more of what you really want.

If you are at a point where you are fulfilled and happy with who you are and what you have, that is awesome. Be very proud of yourself because you’ve probably worked very hard to get here. If you are also grateful and not focused on what you don’t have, that is the icing on the cake. Even at this stage we all can benefit from being mindful, living in the present moment and making smart and healthy choices.

If you are at a point where you are not fulfilled and you know you deserve more or are capable of more, that is okay. The fact that you are paying attention to your present situation and want to change is huge and an important first step. If you are wondering, where do you start? The answer is you start where you are. Focus on what you want and what you need to change to have a more fulfilling life. When you know what you want and what you don’t want you can start to write down your short- and long-term goals and make your plan. Be realistic with your plan and hold yourself accountable. It helps to chart your progress, seek support, enjoy healthy rewards along the way and celebrate your success. While it is said that change doesn’t happen overnight, small changes over a period of time do add up. With discipline, patience and time you will become the person you wanted to be, living the life you visualized and filled with the things that make you happy and the people who love you and support you.

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